Social network
Friends, newsfeed, messenger, groups - monetized by placing native advertising inside the social network
Dating module
Monetization by selling statuses and native advertisements in the module
Virtual currency of the ZONTO ecosystem, by using which network users can pay for charged services
Cafes, restaurants, rental housing choices, shops, goods, services, etc. near your location
Neural networks
A unique service for ZONTO users based on Artificial Intelligence.
E-wallet integrated with various payment systems
ZONTO-merchant system
Tool for accepting cryptocurrencies and fiat money
Sale and purchase system of goods and services by scanning the QR-code
ZONTO Discount
ZONTO loyalty program - a single discount card for all users
ZONTO Cashback
Cashback for ZONTO users of purchase amount part, directly to the ZONTO e-wallet
Legal Music&Radio
Service allows you to configure the broadcasting of standardized media content to the entire network of your facilities
Support for persons in need with charitable assistance
ZONTO Feedback & Review
Evaluation service for business objects, implementers, content. The search algorithm in ZONTO is built according to estimates and reviews, which are crucial for the rating of a business object.
Module Rental and Search of Accommodation
Monetization by placing information about real estate in the section of housing lease and sale.
Search of Services
Service for uniting services customers and competent implementers
ZONTO - E - commerce
Own trading platform for selling small and medium-sized businesses goods
ZONTO Push Service
Creating affiliate advertising by sending push notifications
CRM system, which provides integration of business processes into the ZONTO ecosystem
Targeted unique offers for ZONTO users, like promotions, coupons, etc.
ZONTO Business Agent
A modified CPA model, which allows to build more efficient Internet marketing system
ZONTO Media Network
AdCrypto an advertising network inside ZONTO ecosystem, which has payments in Bitcoin and Ethereum and specializes in websites about cryptocurrency.
ZONTO Hotel Project
ZONTO Hotel - which involves the creation of a 2-3 star hotels network around the world.